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Traveling Cheaply in Croatia

January 20, 2020

“Back to the Peaceful Sea” So today we’re going to be talking about Croatia. which ended up being one of our favorite countries on the trip . And included one of my favorite cities from the trip, which was Dubrovnik. So we’re going to have you fly into Zagreb, which is the CapitaLand at the very north of the country. Let’s have a detailed overview of Croatia travel cost.
You can get a round trip flight for the cheapest time for about $419. During the peak season, it’s about $803, which is almost double. So, a wide range of prices. While you’re there, definitely suggest staying in hostels. You can get a good one Croatia travel cost for about $10 a night. We didn’t spend any more than $10 a night. So we’ll go a minimum of $10 a night and a maximum of $15 a night.

As far as food and drink go, as always, cook at least one meal in the hostel. There’s not enough local food to try for three meals a day for two weeks straight. So cook your own food at least once a day. Even sometimes twice a day. $9 a day for food on the low end and we’ll go $16 a day on the high end because there were times when we had to spend a little bit more for food.

But we were able to get some pretty cheap local food here and there, especially in Zagreb. Best thing is we were there during off season. We were there during Christmas time. And they celebrate the holidays all out. There were decorations everywhere. There was Christmas music playing. There was stands set up in the streets that were selling food from all over the world. It was a really cool time to be there. As far as getting around while you’re there, trains and buses are always good. You can actually use a ferry, which we’ll talk about in a second. But getting from Zagreb through the countryside, down to Split, you can get a train.

It’s a pretty rickety train. And we actually got motion sickness on the train, which I didn’t even think was possible to get that on a train. We never felt like we were in danger. It was just a rickety old train. And from Split you can get to our favorite city, which was Dubrovnik, either by ferry or bus.

Ferry is pretty cool. It stops at an island right off the coast of Split, and then goes down to Dubrovnik. It takes about six hours total. As far as the cities go, Zagreb is the most westernized, for sure. It had the most amount of really nice shopping, really fine dining. Split had a ton of history. They also shoot a lot of Game of Thrones there. And it’s situated right on the water. Also had some architecture dating back to 15 or 20 Aback when Christ was walking the earth.

So that was pretty cool. Dubrovnik, which was our favorite city, as I said and will continue to say, has the Old Town, which is surrounded by this massive Medieval wall, which was built to trick the Persian navy from attacking them. They built this huge wall around this tiny city to make it look like they were more fortified and more well-armed than they actually were. And it worked. They didn’t get bombed. And the city still stands today. And it’s a beautiful city.

So it’s nice to walk those cobblestone streets. And they also shot some Game of Thrones there, which was pretty cool. And they have this really neat bar/restaurant right outside the walls but before the ocean. So it’s just stuck– basically perched on these rocks right outside the walls. Croatia you can definitely get there cheap and still stay cheap while you’re there. So that brings our totals up to $820 and $1,461 keeping it below $900 on the cheap end and below $1,500 on the standard end. Definitely doable if you’re on a budget, Croatia travel cost, definitely keep that one in mind because we absolutely loved it.

Tune in next week when we’re going to bring you Ireland. Which also probably cracks our Top 5 countries that we’ve visited so far. As for now, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel. And watch the rest of our videos that we have here, including some Travel Tips. We have some documentary episodes starting to come out every Tuesday. We have the Traveling Cheaply series coming out every Wednesday. And we have Travel Tips coming out every months.

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