15 Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia Travel Guide

January 20, 2020

Is there a more visually stunning city than Dubrovnik? Nick named the Pearl of the Adriatic, this destination is sure to capture your gaze. Between it’s white limestone buildings, bright terracotta rooftops and cobalt blue waters that sparkle under the sunlight, it’s understandable if you end up having a camera glued to your hands your whole visit. what a way to finish of your trip.

You should walked up, down, and around the Old Town clocking thousands of steps each day, and in this Vlog we’re going to take you on a tour of of the city and show you 15 things to do in Dubrovnik. Alright guys so heading down to the Old Town right now and just see the views that we get from the hill over there. You can see all of Dubrovnik down there. The whole walled city (Dubrovacke gradske zidine) but you have to earn these views every single day. It is 440 steps.

Alright guys you’ve only been here a few minutes and we’ve just walked in through one of the gates. And check out the views you are already getting like this is postcard perfect. This is our first introduction to Dubrovnik. I mean it can only get better from here. It is just loving every minute. Busy at work. Taking photos. Taking videos. In his element. Exactly.

The Old Town through Ploce Gate, which is in the east end of the city. Here we kicked off the morning with a nice stroll along the Old Port, which is where you can also met the most agile cat in the world! .There is no way the cat is going to do it
Yur next stop: Dubrovnik Cathedral (Katedrala Velike Gospe), which has seen a few expansions and reconstructions over the years, and at one point was even funded by England’s King Richard the Lionheart, after he was saved from a shipwreck on the nearby island of Lokrum. (Bells ringing)We then wandered over to Gundulic Square where a few vendors had set up for the day,and as usual, it didn’t take us long to sniff out a few treats. Orange peel, figs, almonds.

You can also made a stop at the famed Big Onofrio Fountain, which was built in 1438 as partof a water system that supplied water from a spring 12km away. Alright we’ve got a pretty cool public water fountain here within the walls. That is one of the coolest drinking water fountains you ‘ve ever seen. Check that out. you can building up not only appetite walking around and also quite a bit of thirst so you going to just. The Old Pharmacy at the Franciscan Monastery. Founded in the year 1317, this in-house pharmacy was set up by Franciscan friars and would go on to service the town as well as people living beyond the walls. And to keep with tradition, there’s still a pharmacy within the monastery today, though with a few modern touches added. So that was a pretty cool attraction.

You can got to visit the cloisters but we also set foot in what is believed to be the 3rd oldest pharmacy in the whole world. So it is pretty cool.Read through these old medical textbooks and like botanical books so it is pretty interesting and you can’t beat the views of this cloister. It is pretty stunning. They’ve got like some lemon trees or orange trees in here. So yeah nice spot.

Then, you can made a brief stop to try and visit the Rector’s Palace (Knežev dvor), which was built in the late 15th century for the elected rector who governed Dubrovnik. Unfortunately, we were there just as they were finishing up renovations, but by the time you are thinking this, it should be open to the public once more.. The following morning you made your way into town solo to catch one of the first sightseeing boat tours. This particular tour was called the “Panorama Excursion” and it departed from the Old Port and went out around Lokrum Island. You can’t go wrong with the views anywhere in Dubrovnik, and looking back on the OldTown was just spectacular! Outside of Italy you don’t think we’ve had better pizza than in Croatia. Yes. So you got the Dalmatian one. Cherry tomatoes, black olives, proscuitto, arugoleta, sausage and egg.
And after that wonderful meal, it was time for the main attraction: walking around Dubrovnik ‘sold City walls (Dubrovacke gradske zidine). What do you think? This is incredible and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. you know. And it is not too crowded. Like this is just the right time of year. You can come here in March and like this whole section you ‘ve almost got to yourselves.
There is just like a couple of others. Admission is 150 kuna which is a bit over 20 USD, and it’s roughly a 2 kilometreswalk that takes about 1 hour to complete. The first set of walls were built in the 9th century, and then in the 14th century thesewere strengthened with forts along the circumference. In our opinion, this attraction is worth the price tag.

Like if that is all you had time to do in this city I would say go and do that wall tour because yeah it is unbelievable. you get and not just from a few points but from everywhere. And if you’ve learned a thing or two about ice cream about gelato in Italy it is that when you have neon colors yep it is usually not natural. But don’t care. It is not super natural. You know what? going to let the neon green pass. It has been tasting really good after that long walk. And it is also pretty decent for given that it is not the most natural. It is a good price 10 Kuna per scoop so yeah 10 Kuna each for a cone. After that quick ice cream break, you can walked over to Fort Lovrijenac, also known as St. Lawrence Fortress.
Perched on a cliff 37 meters above the sea, this fortress dominates sea and land entrances from the western side of the city. The fortress also has a fascinating story behind this place! It turns out, at the start of the 11th century, the Venetians intended to build their own fortress in this very spot to hold Dubrovnik powerless, but when the locals learned of this plan, they decided to beat the Venetians to it. They began building immediately, completing their fortress within three months time, and when the Venetian ships finally arrived with building materials, they discovered they’d been outsmarted by the people of Dubrovnik. Well that was impressive. Quite possibly the best views of the Old Town to be honest. With the light, Especially this time of day. Come in the afternoon biggest tip ever. Anyways what Game Of Thrones fans will be thrilled to hear is that your city wall ticket allows you access into here. Yeah, even if you’re not a fan of the show, it is worth yeah it coming since you’ve already paid.
Going on the different levels looking out at the different vantage points and you get the most amazing view of the Old Town of Dubrovnik from here. So just past the fortress we’ve found this nice little park. It is a little escape from the city center. And it is just uh it is nice. There is a breeze coming in this morning. We’re going to go for a little walk. And yeah it is kind of nice to do something that maybe only locals would do here. Just like the fortress we had previously visited, Gradac Park, was also used as one of the Gameof Thrones filming locations, so you may recognize it from the Purple Wedding. And then you can made a stop at Buza Bar, which is great place for drinks anytime of day,but especially so around sunset. Chiangy chang. So wrapping up the day here at Buza Bar which you think may have the best views. You are looking right out into the Adriatic Sea. By the water. It is amazing. But here is the kicker.

As always, we hope you enjoyed following along and that this Vlog and travel guide gave you a few ideas of some of the things you can do in Dubrovnik on your visit. Wishing you happy travels, and we’ll see you in the next vlog.

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