How the Coronavirus Will Change Travel

April 4, 2020

On a breezy fall morning, i used to be walking home from my university’s humanities department after trying to urge out of my Spanish academic requirement to no avail. On the way, I saw one among my roommates. He mentioned he had heard that alittle plane had crashed into the planet Trade Center.

By the time I got home and turned on the TV, both towers were ablaze and it had been clear this was far more than alittle plane gone astray .

In the days and weeks following September 11th, the planet changed. Even to my young self, I could feel in my bones that nothing would ever be an equivalent again. There was a pre-9/11 world and that we were now forever during a post-9/11 world.

While the later 2008 financial crisis changed the economy and our views on money, 9/11 appeared to change who we fundamentally were as people. It created a shift in thinking and our sense of self. It changed how we Americans viewed the planet . There was a “lost innocence.”

As the Corona virus has rapidly unfolded within the last month, I feel that way again, except this point on a worldwide scale. There was a pre-Corona virus world and now we’ll forever be during a post-Corona virus world.

From how we work, travel, view government, money, and conduct our day-to-day lives, everything goes to vary . and therefore the longer the crisis lasts, the more different it’ll be. I can’t say just how yet (I’m a nasty futurist) but, in my gut, i do know change is coming.

But let’s mention something I do know a touch about: the travel industry

How is that this getting to change travel?

The travel industry relies on human movement to function. And, with countrywide lockdowns and most major airlines ceasing operations, nobody is moving  immediately .

Overnight, an industry that employs 10% of the planet has come to a near-complete stop.

This is worse than a recession. Because, even during a recession, some people still traveling.

Now nobody is moving. The industry is in stasis.

And nobody knows how long this is often getting to last.

Hubei province, the location of the outbreak in China, was in lock down for over two months. Singapore has increased restrictions on foreigners and Hong Kong , reeling from a recent spike in infections, has re locked down the town .

And I think that the slow pace of such measures in many countries means most of the planet are going to be in lockdown until May if not early June. Too many of us are behind the curve and it’ll take longer to stay the virus

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