25 things to do in Dublin ireland Travel Guide

January 20, 2020

Now we’re excited to be exploring Dublin if you’re planning to spend an entire week here. This Guide is going to highlight 25 things to do around the city. Dublin is where most trips in Ireland begin, so before seeing the rest of the country, Audrey and I spent a whole week getting to know the capital. When the weather cooperated, we walked around the city, toured Trinity College, and visited the botanical gardens, and when it poured rain as it often does in this part of the world, we just popped into a pub for some Irish stew and a pint of Guinness. The following Guide will show you a few of the different things to do in Dublin, Ireland. Enjoy!

So just back on University grounds. Thankfully not as students. We are just visiting Trinity College Dublin but the real name of it. Listen to this – it’s College of the Holy and undivided trinity of Queen Elizabeth near Dublin. Quite the mouthful. You can going to be visiting the grounds, the library and also setting eyes on the Book of Kells. Trinity College was founded in 1592 and it is the oldest university in Ireland. The campuses open to visitors interested in touring the grounds, and you’ll also get to hear some fascinating stories of famous students, including the likes of Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift, and Bram Stoker. So go all the way out to Phoenix Park on the west end of Dublin because you can see wild deer here. And you were lucky enough to spot one. You can really enjoy this park. It is a great place to get outside the city center and it is massive. We’ve only explored a mere fraction of it. Easily one of the most popular attractions here in Dublin is the Guinness Storehouse.

You go in and it is almost like a museum. You have all of these different interactive rooms, there is interactive multimedia and at the very top there is a bar where you get a complimentary pint and you have really good panoramic views of the city. The Guinness Storehouse is Dublin’s most popular attraction, and it’s a must-visit for beer lovers. The Storehouse covers seven floors surrounding a glass atrium shaped like a pint of Guinness. Inside you’ll also find a copy of the 9,000 year lease signed by Arthur Guinness on the brewery site – they won’t be going anywhere for a while! Grafton Street is one of the main shopping areas in Dublin. You’re likely to find lots of musicians, buskers, and performers along here, plus you get a good vantage point of The Spire. So this afternoon you can doing a battle of the drinks.
You also here visiting the Botanical Gardens, which is a great green escape, and what you’re really loving about it is because it is slightly outside of the city center there is hardly anyone and it is also a free attraction. The National Botanic Gardens are located a few kilometers north of the city center, and you’ll find it’s a very tranquil place. The gardens were founded in 1795 and today they hold over 20,000 living plants. Prior to the establishment of Glasnevin Cemetery, Irish Catholics had no place of their own to bury their dead.
This burial ground gave both Irish Catholics and Protestants a place where they could give their dead dignified burial, and it has since become the resting place for people of all religions and non religions. Experience Gaelic Games is a place where you can come and try traditional Irish sports like hurling and Gaelic football.
It’s a fun and unique way to take part in an integral part of Irish culture, and they have programs that cater to groups or independent travelers looking to join a team for the day. So you can’t visit Oscar Wilde’s former home because it is being used by the American college Dublin but you can come to the park right across the street and see him here for yourself. Number One Merrion Square is the former home of Oscar Wilde, and if you walk over to the park right across the street you’ll be able to see a statue of Wilde himself.

You visit Jameson Distillery. And what is cool about this place is that you can go inside and there is tours of the distillery. There is also a really cool giftshop, there is a bar, there is a restaurant. So there is a lot to do for just about anyone who is interested in learning about whisky. The Old Jameson Distillery is the original site where Jameson Irish Whiskey was distilled until 1971. It is now a visitor centre that offers both guided tours and whiskey tastings. We are here in Dublin and it is lunchtime so we’ve tracked down the oldest pub in the whole country. We are here at the Brazen Head which apparently dates back to 1198. That’s like what 900 hundred years or so that this place has been around. But obviously not the whole structure is authentic.

It is probably just a few bricks and stones. But anyway it is the oldest in the country and we’re here for lunch. So you’ve gone for something a little bit more hearty. You can eat outside, you can eat inside a bar and there is a second level up top. And so we checked out most of it.
You’ve got a little kitchen/stove happening here. Saint Patrick’s was founded in 1191 and it was built in honor of Ireland’s patron saint. The Cathedral is open to visitors for a small fee. So it is museum time. This is the National Museum of Ireland and you can going to go in and check it out. Temple Bar is an area known for its lively nightlife. Located on the Southbank of the River Liffey, you’ll find all sorts of pubs playing live music once the sun goes down. There’s also one pub in Temple Bar, called The Temple Bar, but don’t let that confuse you.

what are we up to tonight? considering how cold it is outside. It has been hovering around the 15 degree mark and it has been raining a lot. This is the perfect kind of food to help warm us up. So like the main ingredients in an Irish Stew are usually mutton, potatoes and onions but you can get a little bit fancy with the recipe and start adding different vegetables. It’s been raining all day so it is really nice to be inside, sitting in a pub and enjoy your stew. The Irish Whiskey Museum covers the story of Irish whiskey through the ages. You can take a guided tour, or go straight to their bar for a little whiskey sampling.

Stephen’s Green is a large park located in Dublin’s city centre. If the weather cooperates, it’s a nice place for a picnic. St. Audeon’s Gate is a 13th century gate that sits on one of the remaining stretches of the city wall. This would have once been the entrance into the medieval city. Dublin Castle has played many roles over its history, ranging from a defensive fortification for the Norman city of Dublin, to the setting of presidential inaugurations in modern day Dublin.
It is also open for tours to visitors. The Irish Museum of Modern Art is housed in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham which dates back to the 17th-century. Its collection focuses on modern and contemporary art. Kilmainham Goal is a former prison where many figures involved in the struggle for Irish independence were held. If you’re in the mood for a scenic walk, we recommend walking along the length of the River Liffey until you reach the Grand Canal.

Then you can visit St. Michael’s Tower. There would have been a huge bell all the way up there. And it would have told to announce mass, funerals, special events but also if there was a really bad storm and people needed to start praying for their neighbors and anyone who was out at sea. So it have come to the end of the journey time in Dublin. This Travel Guide help to travel around nice and slow and to delve deep. Dublin is that is one of the most walk-able cities in Europe. The people are really friendly. As always, if you have any other suggestions of fun things to do in Dublin as a visitor, feel free to share them with us. Wishing you happy travels!

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