Visiting Serbia Belgrade and Novi Sad

January 20, 2020

Given its recent history as a sort of conductor in the Balkan wars in the 1990s its hard to believe that this former Yugoslavian nation rates second highest in the Global Peace Index for the Western Balkans. Its also hard to know what to expect when you’re on your way to Serbia. You can arrived by train from Timisoara Romania to the pretty town of Versace but with only two hours to the capital, Belgrade, and decide to continue. Tacky political adverts still drape the sides of some buildings but Belgrade still has charm.
Overlooking the Danube is the Belgrade’s 6th century fortress, complete with stone walls, lookout towers, bridges, gates, a roman well, and corridors and tunnels still unexplored. A really nice pedestrian zone connects the main square and the fortress. If its nightlife you’re after Belgrade has a reputation to uphold with most cafes turning into all night bars.

The city is also famous for its floating night clubs, huge barges on the Danube will have you up until sunrise. The Nikola Tesla museum and the museum of aviation are worth a visit as well. An hour and half train ride from Belgrade is the city of Novi Sad. Home to 4 universities and with so many cool cultural events here, the city has a really different atmosphere than Belgrade.
Neoclassical architecture dominates Liberty square which is anchored by the impressive city hall as well as the Name of Mary cathedral. Like Belgrade, Novi Sad also has a fortress overlooking the city dating back as far as the first century it has seen its share of conflict including the very recent past.
It also plays host to the biggest cultural event in the country – Exit Festival, one of Europe’s biggest and best outdoor music festivals. With so many parks, pathways shopping streets, and even a beach on the river, its hard toto love this city. The youthful and energetic vibe here lies in contrast to that of Belgrade and definitely makes a trip through Serbia complete.

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