Tips on How To Make your Stay in Jamaica Easier Annesha Adams

January 20, 2020

Hi everyone welcome To Jamaican travel Guides, We will share with you all some tips on how to make your stay in Jamaica. Much more easier flawless and nice and these tips apply to those travelers to Jamaica Dulce on the resort. but if you’re one of those people to stay on the resort become in Jamaica these tips won’t necessarily apply to you, maybe by they quit because they’re just general. But so if you’re interested in finding out more about our tips on how to make your seem to make up much more easier make sure you all stay tuned as we said it.

Okay we just so share with you all the tips for talking so tip number one is our highly recommended tip for you. All right recognize that when you all go to Jamaica you mop your own place when you stay. There We really put that at the top list of priorities. Because when you lose my god it’s just much more better to have your own place number one you’re able to get a place that is in your conditions that you lay. That is up to your standards does just for you so We recommend you all getting your own place when you go to Jamaica and you will just have more privacy and then you can go come in and go out when you want.
And do whatever you want and yeah I just recommend you all getting your own place and if you all don’t know how to go about getting your own place during your stay Jamaica.

We recommend you all going on Airbnb it’s very popular and very affordable so put away some money to save to have her own place depending on how long you stay there. so if you use air via us just go and use our coupon code and We ‘ll we set down in the description bar or We ‘ll link it on the screen summer. Three ways all to get 40 We think is $40 off or $25 off on your purchases through our coupon and We’ll save you a lot of money 25 or 100 a lot. We recommend you all get your own please but if you don’t want to go through Airbnb .
And you have like someone Tokyo for the police there or you all have links. That you can get you’re always there for less money do that. We totally recommend that you all get your own place and you go there I just feel like you should there’s many we agree. so why and if anyone has any more tips comment down below what your tips are first day’s mission that could help people out as well. so I We recommend you all getting your own place and you go down there.

it will make your state much more easier and that’s what we want and that’s what We want for all of you okay so tip number two is to bring another unlocked phone or you can buy a like a cheese like run up one and users. Buy it you pull from like did to solve for like what I think $5,000 the key dollar Canadian visa clean post. what one surface phone that you just put in your ear you can do that well the reason why We recommend you all unlock your phone and buying a trip down there, because those things so much money you can.
if you don’t mind paying the roaming fees from your country and to use your data or data in surveys out while you’re there each term but We recommend you all getting and into cell chip bring that in pinga like $2,000 months plan. Excusing as the data plan that may offer the many data pods that they offer press your phone and just snap away or text awake always while you’re down there. when you have a chip in your phone you can call you can text people you can use data at the data will be much much faster we can use that to make a chip and number while you’re down there instead of using your data. Because but maybe you might not get service some places you might not be able to upload things on time. because you’re just using a service provider from a different country..

so once you got the service provider from Jamaica everything will be much more easier flawless, you can call people you text people .it’s really affordable this is for people who stayed in for a long time. so even if data for two weeks or up to like three months six months by the digital chip integrate into the Jamaican culture and community and your trip will be so much more easier. flawless OH tip number three this is a big question well for we have your own vehicle. so write a vehicle when you go down it will make everything so much more easier you can go out and go in whenever you want. you cool anywhere on the island by our own vehicle because I we feel like when people rely on people when they go down to dry them around you’re limited. And where you want to go because foregoing to have to wait on that person you’re going to have to only go to certain spot. That they want to go to so don’t do that don’t limit yourself when you all go to Jamaica get your own people if you drive in your country get a vehicle rented and drive around Jamaica.

what you all think about driving down there I really love it it’s so much more makes me more carefree and if you don’t want to drive we have the second thing recommend if you taking taxis integrate into the cup the country , the culture and take toxins. That digitoxins are all the time and depending on where you say the country so baby blip in Kingston you can totally get taxis around the clock. No matter what time in the day or night it is so if you’re 2:00 in the morning come from party need Togo to your house. you will just call a taxi companies will come and pick you up but if you’re in different parts of the country like they are in Manchester and taxis offering at nine ten o’clock. This is where we think at your own vehicle is much more easier because you can drive to wherever you’re going at night and then come back home at night. you don’t have to be limited in your time because see how the taxis like stopping at certain times you won’t boy if you want to go out. And have a night leg too right so that’s why we say recommend while getting your own vehicle learn the roads and to make a learned places in doing I bet you travel. There a lot learn in Jamaica and integrate into the countries very nice if you haven’t watched mine to make a watch to go watch them. we I do like a lot of stuff I’m all over the place showing you all some distance pieces even though there were three months and I only have like nine vlogs up.

you have to know that you’re in a different history or not in the home country so a lot of things will be different. And you have to be open to trying new things learning things experiencing new things. Because that’s the only way you’re going to enjoy your stay . you going the country so you have to be open to try new things learning new things. you’ll have a fun time it’s like people love to make away we go down because they integrate into the country into the culture and they love big .

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