Things to do in Kotor, Montenegro Travel Guide

January 20, 2020

Kotor, Just like it was in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Yeah, just like it was in Mostar. it was the fortifications that not only encircle the old town but also run all the way up into the mountain, so a hike up to Kotor Fortress was the first stop on our itinerary. So where are you can going? you can going to go visit the fortress. Finally found the sign. You’re basically just looking for steps and a blue arrow. you can kind of make out the steps but it is also super rocky and you’ve got some loose gravel. So wear proper footwear , the climbing maybe a grand total of 5 minutes.

The nice thing is that every time you can stop to take a little break we get these awesome views. And the views are not only are they awesome but they keep improving as we get up higher to a better vantage point. It As a tip, we would say the best time to hike up to Kotor Fortress is in the morning because the path is shaded. This isn’t a huge consideration if you’re visiting in winter like we did, but definitely something to keep in I know the views just keep getting better and better.
Yeah and the ruins keep getting cooler and cooler. The horrible bridge. But you have to cross it to reach the castle. So if you are heading back to town. you can going to go grab some lunch but yeah the hike up was a bit challenging . It would maybe estimate 45 minutes to an hour. Making stops along the way to take photos and do some filming. You will got some great views. Like it is really worth it to climb all the way up if you can. And then on the way down that is the really easy part. It is maybe like 10 or 15 minutes and you’re just sprinting down like a mountain goat.

If you are starting in the south end of the Old Town. There are three entrances into the city. We’re staying like one block away from the south gate. This right here is either called Gordic or Gordic. we not sure how you pronounce the ‘c’ with a little accent on it but yeah here it is and everyone got this beautiful like emerald lagoon. So let’s walk in. It is beautiful and this was our first introduction into the Old Town. Then walk from the bus terminal. So look you have all of these little windows. So have a peak. Okay so actually we maybe can’t see much from here but there are other really cool lookout points that you’ve seen along the walls.
So it’s just a matter of climbing stairs up and down and seeing where you have the best views. So now that you’re here in front of this grand entrance let’s go into the town. Okay so we’ve just walked in through the Southgate maybe like 50 meters or so and we’ve come across this big staircase. This leads all the way up to our Airbnb apartment. Yeah. And if you’ve got really good eyesight you can probably see a few cats up there. I’ll zoom into that. You see the kitties? Those are the cats we’ve been feeding. Exactly. The Cathedral of St Typhon (Cathedral Svetog Tripuna ,was built in honor of the patron saint and protector of the city, on the very same spot where an older church had already stood long ago.

next up you can visiting the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon (Katedrala Svetog Tripuna) . That is not a name you’ve ever listen before. Kind of tricky to pronounce to be honest. so pay 2 Euros and fifty cents to go in here. And that gives you admission to visit the church and also upstairs they have a museum for sacral art. Sacral art. I’m just going to call it religious art. So just exiting the museum and it appears this has brought us out to the balcony. that is awesome.
The square. And it would appear that the museum continues on the other side of the balcony. What did you think? Well these were the tickets. Yeah. It was far more impressive than I thought. There was more displays. It is surprising. Yeah and it is cool just to get the balcony views as well. So, it was definitely worth it.
Alright guys so you have made it to the North Gate and honestly that didn’t take you very long. What like a fifteen minute walk?20 minute walk? Making a few stops along the way. So it just goes to show how small and compact the small town. The Old Town is. It looks like there is a bit of renovations going on so we’ll see if it is actually allowed or not. So made it. climbed the steps and walking in mud. you can almost fell. That is very slippery,Awkward. And you can reach on top of the Old Wall that runs all around the city basically.

So yeah, it is pretty cool. How have you enjoyed Kotor so far? When It is first arrive you are not sure if you would like it or not. A bit of a damper but like you know going for that really cool walk this morning. It is pretty cool. And you know what? The town has actually been fairly quiet during the day because we’re here in the offseason. But last night a ferry not a ferry. A cruise ship pulled in. A gigantic cruise ship.
After walking along part of the city walls, we stopped by the Sea Gate, which is the third entrance into the Old Town. As soon as you walk through here you’re met with a clock tower and a big square that’s encircled by restaurants and lots of little lanes that break away – basically it’s a great place to wander. you can see one more restaurant that you get enjoy in Kotor. This one was called Cesarica and they specialized in seafood. This is the stuffed squid with shrimp so I’m just going to bring one over. Lastly, if you want to enjoy a little evening stroll, the Port of Kotor (Cattaro) is a beautiful place. Not only can you enjoy the city all lit up at night, but if you happen to be there on a day when the cruise ship pulls into town, it’s worth sticking around to watch it maneuverers way.

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