Sharing the Mauritius we love

January 20, 2020

Mauritius is a great country, It have 2 million square kilometers of sea. The sea is 1000 times greater than the land. This enormous sea, keeps atmosphere, clean air pure, & sky blue. But tourists do not come only for the sea, for beaches, for sun, But also for smile, for the hospitality, And to share the friendship. Except for dodo, Mauritius did not have other inhabitants.

They are all descendants of immigrants. That’s why Mauritians are so welcoming. For we know that Mauritius does not belong only to them. The ancestors come from Europe, Africa, India, China. Our different cultures and traditions, Have made Mauritians tolerant and generous. This exceptional melting pot of culture Has developed our artistic talents They have great painters, great poets Great writers, great musicians It’s only when you leave Mauritius that you really appreciate our country. Their “dholl puri” not even in India theirr fried noodles, not even in China, No need to mention where you can get a good briani.

Their hot tasty pastry, you know what It mean. All those who love Mauritius, Are Mauritians deep down in their hearts. When you add up the Mauritian Diaspora, With the millions of tourists in love with Mauritius, With all Mauritians living in Mauritius, That makes many millions of mauritians in the whole world. All Mauritians know CITADEL Citadel was created in 1983 in Mauritius Citadel 100% Mauritian. CITADEL is made in our Citadel factory That is why we can guarantee its quality. CITADEL has its roots in Mauritius. Citadel is so proud of Mauritius that is a brand.

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