More Than 10 Surprising Facts About Serbia

January 20, 2020

Across the vast lands of Earth we find many different cultures that have different traditions and a unique story that gives people a unique look, And different flavor on life. And today on facts We are jumping into a fascinating country nestled in the heart of Central Europe. A country filled with an amazing history and a proud people who are not only Energetic and fun, but loving and warm-hearted.

Let’s find out What is great about this amazing country now? Of course when we think of Serbia We might think of them as a crazy country. A country that drinks a lot parties a lot But realistically they’re just people like you and me They’re just trying to get through their days, you know, trying to survive the struggles of the economy all that sort of stuff. You know educating themselves raising families and all that jazz But now if we look at Serbia, it is first of all a very beautiful country.

But let’s quickly look at the population now as if a 2017 estimate they sit at approximately seven million one hundred and eleven thousand twenty-four people ranking approximately one hundred and fourth in the world now. For some of these facts we are not going to include Kosovo because well that’s kind of a disputed territory. So we won’t really go there now with that the population density equals approximately91. 1 people per square kilometer ranking121st in the world . But as for land size this beautiful country including Kosovo comes in at a hundred and twelfth of all countries in the world With a land size of eighty eight thousand three hundred and sixty one kilometers square.

However, without Kosovo it would have77474 kilometers square Being at a hundred and eighteenth . Now one thing that I’ve always kind of wondered when it comes to a lot of these European countries is do they have states like the United States, or do they have Different sort of regions and different names for it. Well in Serbia, they don’t actually call these regions States or provinces They actually call them divisions And as for the country of Serbia, it has about 29 of them now of these 29 divisions The largest is sultry Bor . which is a district coming in with approximately 6,000 140 kilometers square Of course the smallest of this is some Adisa District and it has a total land size of two thousand three hundred and eighty-seven Kilometers square of this the largest when it comes to population is the Raska district with approximately three hundred thousand people in that district.
Quite a lot of people as a matter of fact with the smallest district being the Kolubara district and it has a population of174 thousand two hundred and twenty-eight people. It also should be noticed that for all of these 29 districts Only one of these districts is not part of the major territories and gets a somewhat special Status. And that is the capital city of Belgrade Now Belgrade has a population of 1 million six hundred and eighty three thousand nine hundred and sixty-two people Within its district now, not only is this the most populated city in all of Serbia? But it’s also one of the most populated city in all of Europe and the oldest cities in all of Europe.

Not only does it cover over 3% of the entire country, but the amount of population makes up24% of the entire country’s population and for this particular city, it’s actually also stated that it was founded way back before279 BC . that’s a long time ago which at the time was an old city known asSinger Dunham and although scientists aren’t a hundred percent on the actual date of its formation this ancient city is what evolved into what is now known as Belgrade. and some of the structures from the old city such as walls are still around Belgrade today Also for Belgrade the first time it was found to be written as a name for the city was on April 16th878 ,and although it’s been the capital of the Kingdom of the Serbs .
And that region for many years There were officially signed documents that has the city of Belgrade being the capital on the 1st of December of 1918so with us talking about people we got to see what kind of people actually live in Serbia and before we get in that we got to let you guys know that Serbia actually hasn’t done a proper census since2011 so some of these numbers are gonna be slightly off . because you know, it hasn’t been done in a while now for Serbia They say within the alder population approximately eighty three point three percent of them Identify as Serbian three point five percent of them identify as Hungarian 2. 1 percent Identify as roma. 2% are Bosniaks on top of that four point seven percent Identify as other and three point seven percent of the population were unspecified Now for languages.

when it comes to their main language, it is Serbian, of course and for this language They say approximately eighty three percent of the entire populations. Speak it with a native tongue However, it’s interesting to know that the Serbian language is the only language in all of Europe that not only uses the Cyrillic alphabet But also uses the Latin one as well. That’s right guys. It’s just kind of a very mixed sort of thing, I guess That’s the way they do it over there, but unlike other countries Serbia only actually has one National official language But it should be known that although on a country scale It only might have one major language its district Vova. Dina has other official languages such as hung grain Romanian SlovakRusyn and Croatian, which I actually found pretty interesting because We’ve never heard of a certain district or province or statehaving more than oneactual language because when you think of languages you think it’s run by the entire country and not by individual states or provinces or Districts.

when it comes to Belgrade being around for so long The one thing that’s great about Serbia is it’s a country that’s been around forever as well This is because where the country stands today It was part of the Roman Empire and actually the country obser BIA. where it stands today Was the birthplace of many Roman emperors now I got some mixed sources hereI heard that there were 18 Roman emperors that were born in Serbia. But I’ve also read that there were only 17 either way That’s quite a lot because it makes up1/5 of all the Roman emperors that were ever around and most of them are born in a city what was known asSirmium, which in today’s world is the region of schlemm scottMithril Vica, which I actually really hope I pronounced that one right because I tried on that.Now as for the GDP purchasing power parity as of a2018 it comes in at a hundred and twelve point four seven five billion dollars ranking 78 in the world now It’s per capita excluding Kosovo comes in at sixteen thousand sixty three dollars ranking 83rd in the world.

I know when you think of Serbia, you don’t really think of farmers, but believe it or not They got some really high awards for it. now this is simply due to the fact that they have approximately over five million fifty six thousand hectares of agriculture and firstly they are one of the top 15 countries that produce wine in the entire world and for them they have approximately seventy thousand hectares of vineyards. within the country producing about425 thousand tons of grapes annually But that’s not the only thing because they’re also the second largest country in the world when it comes to producing plums. That’s right they’re known forums which for these particular fruits they produce approximately five hundred and eighty two thousand four hundred and eighty-five tons annually as well .
one of the most common things and most important things that come from Serbia is Raspberries that’s right.

You probably didn’t know that the raspberries that you’re eating most likely come from Serbia Mm-hmm either way for this particular country They’re always battling it out for the first place with Poland and Serbia usually produces about 809602 tons of raspberries a year but that’s just a loose sort of estimation guys because in2001 they apparently were ranked number one in the entire world and not second and they produced that year over a hundred thousand tons of raspberries and of course in 2012They also apparently produced95% of the world’s amount and one of the reasons for this raspberry heaven because their red gold as they call it is Produced easily in Serbia because of its perfect climate and if we’re going to talk about land Let’s talk about one really interesting phenomenon in Serbia And that is Mount rhetor while not being the tallest mountain within Serbia as it stands at 5,000135 feet it is famous for its very unique shape and that is looking like a perfect pyramid it’s pretty darn accurate and because of its perfect geological shape people have come up with many different Crazy theories about this mountain.

Some people have said that it used to be like an old pyramid or that there’s a pyramid underneath and that there’s buried treasure Within this mountain and every single year for this particular mountain . Tourism goes up with people saying that they have felt some sort of energy While being on that mountain so there you have it guys. That is the country of Serbia Now we’ve just skimmed the surface of this beautiful and amazing country and as I stated earlier if you guys want a part – make sure you hit that like button and of course be sure to leave comments and suggestions and some FAQs on countries that we’ve missed for the part – if you know any but also before you guys get out of Here be sure to check out Pirates of the Caribbean tides of war now This is a really fun game that you guys can download for your phone personally have it on my phone and I’m absolutely loving it It’s a great little game to have and it’s cool You can build up your fleets recruit pirates and conquer the entire world.

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