Mongolia Roadtrip Series

January 20, 2020

so we are leaving Ulaan Baator (capital) nowwe took the road from direction of the airportand we are trying to go to Zorgol Hayan Ul to sleepwe have a nice spot therebecause we are not sure we will to reach the spot we planned beforeso it’s about 100 Kilometerwe try and if we can go further we will do itas you can see it’s not that easy to find your way aroundsomebody else got lost here toohey come we can put that in the fronthave a safe trip guysyou can see the sand dunes on the rightand we have to follow this path through the sand dunesfor a couple of kilometers until beyond the next hill rangeand after that I think we should be crossing along this section of the sand dunesand I guess Agdasta the next village should be right after that hill rangein fronf of thatyep, do agree, makes senseso we gotta find that path that takes us across to the rightand we must follow further down that directionyeah, and be attentive when we cross the sand not to turn too much on the left sidebecause it should be the one crossing the sandyeah I think we got ityeah okey lets take that routeafter finally arriving at our destinationit was time to build up the camp for the nightso now we found a camping place herewe are protected by the stones in the backbut there is a lot of wind, it’s a bit cooler hereand now we are making a firewe are parking the carsso we are finding a flat place where we can put the tent and sleepGuido can you help me to carry this one?wait a secondwatch outokey we tried to make like a fireplacewhere we can cook our dinnerbecause we still have plenty of windseems to be here no wind, excellentits okeyyes I pass it to you, I’m trying my bestoh watch out it’s a bit dustydusty dustywait a secondeh English or?(you) mongoli?mongoli yeah?!no, no mongoliwhat are you!Oscar, Oscar(Mongolian)but someone said thatwe don’t have to. . . yep(Mongolian)(Mongolian)(Mongolian)3000?3000?per person?!okey I’m gonna take a photo of his licenseyou are going to film itand we will see if he. . . record it(Mongolian)his name?!okey so now he came and he said that we had to pay a tax a fee per personand it’s 3000 mongolian. . . ehm mongolian money per personand in the beginning we thoughtwe didn’t have to pay becauseon the internet it says generally you don’t have to pay those thingsbut because he has an official cardor what seems officialhe has a paper in mongolian and in englishwe think that they wouldn’t take money from their own peoplemaybe they wouldso now we decided to paybecause we said no we are not going to payand then he said well so you have to go awayso now we decided to payand yeah we think it’s rightafter a confusing encounterwith the mongolian soldierwe still had to finish to setup our campshould I give you my hand?watch out Gabitell me when I found the placeyes you’re almost there, yesbut yeah we should do thatsomeone should do a last checkafter just about an hourthe camp was setand we were ready to enjoyour beautiful surroundingsin the early morning hourswhen the sun was still risingand wildlife started to wake upour team was already on the wayto our next destinationah the ger (traditional house) camp is hereyeah maybe we can check there if we can get something to eat?as you can see we have here a gerlike a campand now we want to ask whether we get maybe a soup from thembecause this morning we had rainand unfortunately we had to packeverything very very quicklyand therefor we didn’t have a proper breakfastso we are all of us very hungryand lets try and smilemaybe they have a heart and they give us some soupdid you see his bed?some bricks and on top a wooden plankI’m glad we have our camp (tents)(Mongolian)hellohellohellowe can go insidethey are going to cook something for usthat’s kind of the only thing they have to play with, right?yepit’s nice to play with the kidsbut interaction is really hardlanguage is a true problemreal problemhe didn’t understandcome here, come hereno no no no nooohaving eaten a delicious traditional mealwe were back in our carsheading southwe could be in Australia or. . . . right?well no, we are in the middle of nowhere in Mongoliamongoliamongolia mongoliayou like it Sanya?hey the talkie walkies are really amazingluckily we have themyeah because it is really the thingit’s so much easier to communicateI wouldn’t have thought to that extendI thought it was gonna be more. . . (a gimmick)eh west, south westeh yeah south?eh yeah should we take the one to the left here?to the right Guidoif we go to the left we go eastit had been already a few dayssince we started heading southand we were finally getting closerto our next destinationit looks more like sandthan stonethan stone yeahit’s the erosionour trip continuedand we were still heading southtowards the entrance of the Gobi desertwe were just a few kilometers awayfrom the desertbut we still had to cross a mountain rangewhich had a rather unique climatefor its geographical locationnow the conditions have changed drasticallywe are higher upmore than 2000 meters above sea leveltemperature is coolerand you will see the vegetation so much more greenlots of woodvery different to how it was beforeand of how it will be afterso really getting into the desert nowafter staying in the mountainsby nice little water streamoff into the sandit’s going to be very dryso wood is quite relevant for usto have a nice fire tonightstay tunedfor episode 2 of the mongolia seriesfeaturinggetting lost in the desertgetting stuck in sandfighting with mongolians for a bit of gasolinegetting stuck in mudencountering battery problemsthe all time classicpinching a tireand encountering illegal gold minersand of coursestunning aerial shotsstay tuned for episode 2of the mongolia seriescoming soon!

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