Minute Tour of Mauritius

January 20, 2020

Longing to sip fresh coconut juice on a glorious peaceful beach? Then try Mauritius for a tantalizing mix of culture tradition and tropical beauty fly there in under 12 hours from London Heathrow and then you just need to pick your beach. The north’s calm, crystal clear waters are perfect for swimming and water sports the south and east coast for wilder less-developed and less crowded whilst. In the west you can enjoy glorious sunsets after a day on the water if you’re also comfortable under the surface. Mauritius has more than 30diving and snorkeling sites all with visibility of up to 40 meters; it’s possible to spot whales dolphins and sea turtles here. There’s plenty to see on land too, the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgolam Botanical Gardens is renowned for its collection of indigenous and exotic plans see 500 species of flora including giant waterlilies, Talpiot palms and baobabs.

Remote Mauritius has a number of endemic species of wildlife some including the Mauritius Kestrel and echo parakeet have been threatened with extinction whilst others. Most famously the dodo have sadly died out other indigenous species include geckos pink pigeons and Mauritian eels. Visit Chamerel in the rugged south of the island for the unique geological formation the Seven Colored Earths. The journey here is also special, stop at the roadside viewpoints for panoramic vistas of mountains and waterfalls. The mixture of cultures here is reflected in the religious architecture; you’ll find churches, mosques, temples and Chinese pagodas around the island with perhaps the most impressive all the temple of the Grand Basin overlooked by giant idolsof Ganesha and Shiva.

Mauritian cuisines influenced by Creole, Chinese, French and Indian flavors; the population is largely vegetarians immersion chefs make produce come tolife in dishes such as Pumpkin Ratin and Dholl Puri. As you might expect themain event of the Creole banquet is curry and in Mauritius, turmeric is the star of the show. A Mauritian curry is vibrant, delicious and often served with flatbreads called Roti or Firata. As with most destinations the cost of meals and drinks in hotels is more expensive than elsewhere, despite this, holidays to Mauritius generally end up being relatively inexpensive; lunch for two usually costs around twenty pounds. Mauritius holidays tick all the boxes; culture, relaxation and cuisine.

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