Mauritius Sweet Adventure In Paradis

January 20, 2020

We have little secret to share. In the embrace of blue bay marine park lies majestic Ile Des Deux Coco. An island of the outstanding natural beauty. Where the past and the present blend in to one unforgettable experience. Ile Des Deux Coco post unique concept of one island one villa. Known as follis and built in 1920 by Sir Hesketh Bell the English governor. Remembered for his flamboyant parties. Designed this private getaway simply to entertain. In honor of this spirit we have capt the island as a truly private escape. With all the facilities for the most discerning hosts and their licorice guests.

Join us for ours organized day trips. Come and explore the dafold island parks. The day views of the untamed open ocean. Contrasted by the serine beauty of the lagoon. A monument to a maritime sea life and home to exceptional snorkeling. Included as a grand lunch time buffet rich in culinary stiles. And serenaded by sweet island rhythms and our unique rum blends. The island seductive nature makes it the ultimate location to host private parties, weddings or corporate functions. An we will be honored to have you. What every is your spirit come and join us, See Our Travel Guides & Packages.

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