How to find the LOWEST airfare

January 20, 2020

few people actually talk about how they’re actually doing it, how they actually achieve that. This week is not a typical airline reviewer flying out somewhere, this is actually programme we talk about the latest airline deals and how to find the cheapest airfare. The idea is to enable you to travel better and travel more frequent with this knowledge. So as you know, Qantas recently started the longest Dreamliner flights connecting non-stop between U. K. and Australia. So this is about 17, 18 hours flight non-stop between London and Perth and on to Melbourne. And you don’t want to end up sitting in economy for such a long flight, so we will explore the cheapest way to fly in business class.

We also look at how to compare Garuda Airline first class fare from their website direct with an online travel booking site. And then we’ll look into Malaysia Airlines A350because a lot of fans has request me to review that. So there are many tools I use to look for the cheapest airfare. So here’s a couple website, which I found really useful in helping me to travel better. So here I’m going to share with you. The first website is called vigriniaholydays. com. So vigriniaholydays is a travel intelligence website that shows you fares, seat availability, seat maps, award, seats opening alerts.
We want to show you quickly is looking up that Qantas Air tickets the Qantas airfare from London to Melbourne. So type in the code here in fare search, Heathrow, Melbourne, and travelling days , put at random 24 of, and Qantas, QF. So you will actually just bring up all the fares here. So this is what the website does. It’s bringing up all the published airfare right now. And if you’re not familiar with the air tickets, how they code it, is actually the price of each ticket is coded in a separate booking class.

So it’s fell into a separate booking buckets here. What we are interested is looking at business class ,so filter into B, B is business class. The lowest tickets, this is without tax, without additional fuel surcharges, it’s 3,822 US dollar Qantas one way. Qantas Heathrow to Melbourne, D Class. D class is a discount business class and then you’ve got a higher fare class, is C Class, then the full fare business class is J Class.
So your fare range from 3,800 to 5,900,so this is quite expensive, you can see from Heathrow to Melbourne. What I would try is, because we know that nonstop from Heathrow to Melbourne, the most direct flights the most expensive flight. So this is probably why it’s quite expensive. Let’s try to look at another city pair, from Frankfurt to Melbourne. So you might have to transit in London. Flying Frankfurt to London, and in London to Melbourne. So let’s have a look. Okay, so the fare came down a bit. If you remember earlier it was 3,800 now it’s 3,400from Frankfurt to Melbourne. So let’s try to keep playing again. So this is why you need this website, you need to do a lots of research. I’m gonna try the Paris, Paris to Melbourne. Okay, look at business class, there you go, much better 2,700 in business class. So I’m quite happy with this fare.

This is one of the lowest fare I’ve found, you can try out many, many city pair. In fact, let me show you one of the cheapest one found out here, is from Cairo to Melbourne. But from Cairo you have to go to Dubai, Dubai to Melbourne, basically flying on Emirates. So Cairo to Melbourne, as low as $1,261 in business class. And remember this is before tax and fuel surcharge. Even the first class fare is very cheap,$2,500 for a one-way Qantas, Emirates to Melbourne. So after finding out a cheapest city pair, flying that Qantas non-stop from UK to Australia, we can try CDG to Melbourne on the date 24thQF which is Qantas Airlines code, I mean you can type in, and I’m just used to itso it pick up the short code very quickly. And now it brings up this availability and schedule. What we need to look at, is to look at the class available pair, because there’s a connection. So the first connection is CDG to Heathrow, and on British Airways A320,and then on Qantas 10 Heathrow to Melbourne. So you need to look at the class available in both connections. So if that’s available here, you should just proceed to a website to book the lowest tickets on Qantas. And just to show you the price from London to Melbourne on Qantas websites, on the 24th,this is the most direct flight. You’re flying direct on the Dreamliner, London to Melbourne via Perth, and that ticket price is 3,300 pounding the lowest buckets business saver tickets, which, converting to US dollar, it is 4,700 US. Okay, now let’s have a look at the flights from Paris, which should be a lot cheaper,’ cause we found a much cheaper farefrom Expert Flyer just earlier. So Paris to Melbourne, okay. This is the one we found earlier.

However, you have to factor in the positioning cost of moving yourself from London to Paris to start your journey there. There’s a bit of inconvenience, you lose a bit of time. But however, if you’re looking at a cheaper savings, this is tremendous. Okay, the second thing I want to show you is compare some of the price from an airline website to a travel agent website, see who can get you a cheaper fair. Especially first class, business class, when the amount is bigger, so you see a bigger savings as well. So for example, I was looking at London to Jakarta. In first class on Garuda Airlines. So I’ll put in a date I want.So let’s have a look what Garuda is selling on their official websites. So they have a direct flight on that day. It’s selling 2,181 pounds. which you can compare the airfare from many websites and then take you to the cheapest website to book.
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