Dubrovnik, Montenegro _ the Dalmatian Coast – Virginia Holidays

January 20, 2020

Welcome to Newmarket holidays eight-day Dubrovnik Montenegro and Dalmatian coast. On this tour you will spend three nights on the beautiful McCosker rivier and four nights in bustling Dubrovnik. On our second day you’ll visit two of the area’s most ancient cities split and Trogir, both of which a protected UNESCO heritage sites.
“Didn’t know what to expect in Trogir but suddenly everywhere you go, it’s a whole new world really just so fascinating it was magical to. all the restaurants and the shops and the people are so kind and interesting and fun and that’s that was great . The whole country is seeked in history “The third Day you will visit the spectacular waterfalls of Krka National Park, which stretched 12 miles up a lavender clad valley from the harbour town of Skradin,”It would have been worth the holidays just to go to the National Park it was so indescribably beautiful, and it was just nice to wonder through the trees and just look at the scenery.

On day four you visit Herzegovina and UNESCO-listed Mosta famous for the lovingly restored medieval bridge that spans the river “I loved Mosta, i loved it it was brilliant, it had a feeling of a sook about it as well. The bridge which was amazing definitely a major tourist attraction “On our fifth day we explore the ancient city of Dubrovnik where you can take in the views of the blue Adriatic from its historic walls. Its almost as if they have left time behind and they’ve just stayed this magical medieval place, you’ve got the original cobbles that are shining. There was so many different things happening at the same time that we really did enjoy it.
Day six visit to Montenegro and the bay of Keturah southern Europe’s largest furred “That was fascinating wasn’t it , so many interesting little streets to explore such a beautiful country everybody said it was but really we have been blown away Our last two days are spent relaxing choose to return to Dubrovnik for more sightseeing or unwind with a dip in the clear waters of the Adriatic. “Both hotels have been superb so much good facilities , all of which are easily accessible from hotel, just a walk away” “The rooms have been beautiful, food has been beautiful, staff are incredibly good, it’s a fantastic trip, you run out of oos and ahs, one of the best ones we have been on in years and years, Newmarket have done wonders.

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