10 Things to do in Hvar, Croatia Travel Guide

January 20, 2020

Well good day good day. We have finally made it to one of my dream destinations. Yeah. Where are we right now?We’re in Hvar, Croatia so and oh my it is beautiful. Urgh, it sure is. And when we arrived, we arrived at night and then the following day it was just like itwas pissing rain. Oh yeah. So this is the first time we’re seeing it looking like lovely. Yeah. And I have to say it is stunning. We just can’t wait to go out and explore. Yeah. And you know what is the funny thing?This is meant to be the sunniest island in all of Europe. Yeah. And yesterday was rainy, tomorrow is going to be rainy but today we have blue skies sowe’re just going to run around like crazy. That is it. And show you guys Hvar (Lesina). All day long. Yeah!As you probably already know, we never start sightseeing without a good meal, so the firstitem on our list was to find some breakfast. This proved to be a little tricky considering we were visiting during low season, but aftera few false starts we settled down at BB Club for shakshuka, omelettes, nutella crepes andcappuccinos. (Bell ringing)So what is really cool about Hvar is just the old town. Like these old big stone walls. Yeah. And as beautiful as it is just to walk around it is also a strategic because you can escapefrom the sun. Like we’re totally in the shade over here. Yeah, it really keeps the streets cool as well. It keeps it really cool. It keeps the street it keeps us cool and that is always a good thing. And now we’re climbing up towards the fortress. How many steps do you think we’ve got to tackle?I don’t know. There is a lot though. Haha. I’ve just had a big meal. A long way up. Bit of a haul to get up there for sure. With bellies full, we were ready explore and our eyes were set on the fortress, which isthe focal point when you gaze up from the Old Town. Reaching the fortress means walking straight uphill, but there are a few scenic stops alongthe way, including a beautiful park, a seemingly abandoned church, and plenty of lookouts whereyou can admire the town and the harbour. Well I’d say we are what two thirds of the way up?Oh man I really hope so. I sure hope so. Anyways, just on the side of the path here we’ve noticed what could potentially be anabandoned church. Oh, let’s go have a look see. It is a little bit off of the path so let’s go check it out. Lead the way. Alright, Sam the man. So we’ve made it to the fort. That was a long climb up. But ah that was good because we sure needed that after that huge brunch. And we got some really nice views of the town. Unbelievable. Like the light wasn’t facing in the right direction but still the views were spectacular. So moolah matters. Yeah Moola matters so that was 40 Kuna each yep which is $6 US buckaroos. And yeah, I don’t think there is too many other people up here so no. I haven’t heard or seen anyone yet which is cool. Let’s go check it out. So another thing to mention is that there are two fortresses here in Hvar. The one that is further away was built by Napoleon apparently but we are visiting theone that is closest to town and this one is called Fortica Španjola according to my littlebrochure and that is because even though it was built by the Venetians it was actuallydesigned by Spanish architects. It is called the Zatvor Prison. It looks spooky. Lead the way. Down the dungeon we go. It is quite dark. It is dark and these steps are tiny. Tiny slippery steps. There is a handrail. There is a handrail. That is a good thing. Oh my yeah. Well if this is the size of the dungeon it is definitely not a place where I would havewanted to be kept as a prisoner. Okay, Sam as a prisoner. That would have been the size of your cell. That is it right there. That is it. Tiny little window. After visiting the fort, we came back to the Old Town and decided to go on a little walkalong the waterfront. We hadn’t packed any bathing suits and it was too late in the season to go for a swim,but Audrey was set on testing out the turquoise waters. Here are the rules guys. Basically just don’t be an idiot. Don’t pass out drunk, don’t eat pizza. Argh!Don’t parade around town half naked. Don’t be rowdy. I feel like those are a million and one ways that I could easily get fined. Especially the pizza. Yeah, there you go. There is so many natural pools and swimming areas all along the coast. If we were here in the summer we could be swimming right there. So Audrey what are you doing?I’m going to see how warm the water is in November. First week of November. Are you going to assess the water situation?Yes. And?I mean it is cold but it is not awful. It is not awful. It is not ice cold. It is not a Canadian lake in the middle of summer. Haha. It would be refreshing. It would be refreshing but I probably wouldn’t go in for a swim no. I think in August this would have been wonderful. You know end of summer nice and warm. Um but yeah. Okay so we’ve been showing you guys what a relaxed day in Hvar looks like during lowseason. But obviously there is a lot more to do in the town and across the island. Yeah, there sure is. So the 1st thing that you can do during peak season is party because this island is packed. Our airbnb host showed us a picture of what it is like and it looks absolutely bananas. Insane. And like there is actually a lot of bars and nightclubs on the island. Everything is shutdown now but obviously you know it is open during the summer months. Um, aside from that you can also go island hopping. There is a whole bunch of little islands just off the mainland. Yep. Or actually not the mainland because we’re on an island but smaller islands off of thebigger island. Smaller islands off of the bigger island. Yeah, you can either do a tour or you can rent a boat. You can also rent a bike to explore more of this island. Like we’re just kind of exploring the town. The developed area the town area. But there is more to the island. Yeah. And yeah there is just a tonne of things you can do here but we’re just kind of showingyou what it is like to have a chill day. Chill day. Continuing our wander through Hvar Town without a particular place or direction in mind, wethen came across a medieval Venetian bell tower that we had noticed peeking throughthe buildings. The bell tower is part of the Ruins of the Dominican Monastery and St. Mark’s Church,and while the structure is closed off, it’s still a cool landmark to visit. Hi meow meows. Hello. Is it friendly?Are you friendly. Come say hello meow meows. Oh. Oh, stretch. Yes. I like my massage. And lastly another thing we recommend doing here in Hvar Town is just like wandering aroundwithout a map and getting lost. I feel like that is the best way to discover the town. We’ve come across vineyards, olive groves, ruins and the quaintest of little lanes. Pets. So yeah, it is just a lot of fun to there is a goat. Oh my gosh we are going to say hi to a goat. But see this is what happens when you wander around without a map without a plan. Woah, goats have strange eyes. It is just like a little line. His pupils. It is not a dot it is a line. So update. It is now three thirty so we’re going to go eat again. I don’t know if this qualifies as lunch or dinner because we had a pretty late breakfast. Um, but yeah it starts getting dark here at four thirty PM during the winter months sowe may as well eat now. I’m hungry. We went to KOGO which is located in the main square just footsteps from St. Stephen’sCathedral (Katedrala Svetog Stjepana). They specialize in pizzas and pastas, and everything was so tasty!Alright guys so here we are. All settled in at our favorite restaurant in Hvar Town (Grad Hvar). This is KOGO and the food is already here. Oh my. Yeah, the food is fantastic. They basically hooked us up with our first meal when we arrived at night. Yes. And uh so yeah we are back here today. I ordered spaghetti carbonara and it is so so good. Sam got himself a pizza. And of course we can’t forget four cheese quatro formaggi. The wine. I always need some red wine. Salut. Cheers. And how is the carbonara?It is good. I’ve already been eating it if you haven’t noticed. Yes, you have. Mmm. Wonderful. So hungry. We’ve walked all day. This is great. And Sam of course goes for pizza whenever he has the opportunity. It is just so good in Croatia. They make amazing pizzas. Yeah, I know. They seriously do. They rival Italy. They really do. They really do. So I went with the 4 cheese one here. Quattro Formaggi. It has got a bit of everything. And yeah look at that. Including some kind of creamy cheese. Oh man. Yeah. I made a good choice. This is really good. (Singing)Lastly, to finish up our 1-day tour of Hvar Town, we walked back to the marina, this timeheading left in the direction of the Franciscan Monastery, where we were treated to a magicalsunset complete with live music. So we are just walking back to our apartment and can you hear that?There is someone playing the trumpet on their boat out in the water. That is so cool. The party continues. I don’t know if it is part of the wedding celebration that we saw earlier but thereis a party happening out there. (Music)

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