10 Things to do in Budva, Montenegro Travel Guide

January 20, 2020

Good morning good morning guys. Greetings from Budva, Montenegro. Budva!So this is our second stop in Montenegro. Yeah. We left Kotor behind and what was it like 30 or 40-minute bus ride. Yeah, ridiculously close. Yep. Probably our shortest travel day. Yeah. So far. And we’re also really close to the Old Town. Like our apartment is a 15-minute walk. Yeah. So we’ve just walked down here and we’re going to show you some different things you can Budva in this travel guide. But first breakfast. Breakfast of course. Budva is a popular resort town that sits on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, so we started the morning off with a walk along the harbor where you can see everything from little fishing boats to luxury yachts.

Though Budva (Budua) is very close to Kotor, it has a very different feel so we’re goingto take you on a quick day tour of the city and show you what it’s all about. So we’ve found ourselves a little spot. We sure did. Yeah, we had like granola and coffee. No granola and tea for breakfast this morning and clearly that wasn’t enough by the time we got into town we’re like oh my gosh we need food. Yeah. So we finally settled on a place. This is called uh Konoba Stari Grad and it is right along the water. Like we’re actually on the beach right now. So yeah it is super relaxing you can hear the waves and we’ve just ordered up a few cappuccinos, omelets and yeah we’re going to have some food and then we can sightsee. Haha. Exactly. Cappuccino. Cappuccino. Okay, so breakfast just arrived at the table. We both went for omelets because that sounded pretty good. So I got the vegetable one with eggplant, peppers, and tomato and Sam’s has prosciutto so that is going to be really tasty. Yeah. And yeah the coffees are slowly disappearing. Haha. Cappuccinos didn’t last very long that is for sure. Yeah, I find that cappuccinos in Europe are quite small.

Like look at the size of the cup. And like most of it is foam right? So I only have foam left. They encourage you to get another one. We were planning to walk on this bridge but now that we have a closer look it is train tracks. I don’t know how good our balance is. Budva Old Town Beach may not be the prettiest to swim in, but you do get some nice views of the walled city with St. Ivan’s Church (Sveti Ivan) peeking above the fortifications, but now let’s continue up the coast.

It is just one of those days where it is like bone chilling. Like the cold is penetrating your bones. So we’re just going to have a little walk along the beach. It is a pebbly beach. Dark sand. but we do get some really cool views check that out. Old Town. Right there. Well Yoga Girl isn’t the only one with the moves. If you keep walking west along the coast, you’ll first come across the Ballerina Statue,also nicknamed Yoga Girl, keep following that path and it’ll bring you to Mogren Beach and Mogren 2, which are a bit sandier and less pebbly than the beach in the Old Town. You guys we just found more cats.

They are just the sweetest cats here. I just saw a mother and a kitten and they are so friendly. You’re just the size of my palm. The baby cat. Oh my gosh baby cat. You are so small. Alright beach time. Yeah, it is the beach time. And we are visiting on November 22nd. Oh ho ho. So it is a little chilly. Like 11 or 12 degrees outside. No speedo today but you can just imagine how packed this would be in the summer. So our first impressions of Budva ? like were kind of mixed.

We weren’t sure if we would like this place. But going for this nice walk and seeing these cats and just like this kind of the charmof this place is starting to hit us a little bit. Okay guys so we are now inside the city’s historic center and we are surrounded by churches. So I think we’re going to hit them up one by one. First up this one which I believe is Saint Ivan (Sveti Ivan). Oh nice orange kitty. Nice orange kitty. Nice orange kitty. You are big and well fed and you’ve got a bell. I think Sam likes orange kitties because they remind him of himself. No, they remind me of Hobie my parent’s cat. So we were just about to go inside St. Ivan’s church and there is a massive sign saying photos so it is going to be for our eyes only and if you ever make it to Budva (?????)well I guess you can see it too. So things aren’t going very well guys. Church number two closed to the public. So we’re not going to be able to go in. I can see a third church yes up in the horizon. Guess what?Guess what guys?Can you guess?No. What is the problem with church number three?Can’t guess. Couldn’t guess if my life depended on it. Just kidding. A lock on the gate. Lock on the door. Is this like a low season thing?Or what?I don’t get it. Yeah. But we’re not going to be seeing the interior of any of these churches. Well, so let’s move on. Let’s go explore the old town. Let’s go to the Citadel. I know that is open. Haha. Well kitty cat. How much did you pay for your seat?How much was admission?Hmmm. He’s like I look cute. I don’t have to pay. You guys we have finally found something that is open. The citadel. There is a sign for it right here. Citadela. So we’re going to go in we’ll pay admission. It doesn’t matter how much it costs. Oh my gosh we got in somewhere. At long last. So we just paid 2. 50 per person. These are our tickets. They are like little postcards so that is pretty cool.And yeah a little out of breath from those stairs. There wasn’t that many. Oh my gosh. And now we’re going to explore the citadel. I think someone could improve their aerobic capacity. The Old Town of Budva (?????) is situated on a rocky peninsula, with the citadel located on the southern tip of the city. There isn’t a lot of information about the site once you enter, but it’s worth the visit for the views of the Old Town (Stari Grad) alone. What up?Well, we just finished visiting the Citadel. And that was awesome. Like so worth the price of admission. The two fifty we paid. It is quite big. Mmmhmm. And yeah you just get some incredible views of the city. Not just the Old Town (Stari Grad) but also out into the water and you just get so many different cool vantage points. And just the citadel itself is great. This is something you’ve got to do when you come to Budva (?????) for sure. Okay so we are currently walking around the Old Town and it seems like there is only twokind of shops. It is either like super cheap touristy stuff like magnets and you know Budva t-shirts orit is like extremely high end clothing and sunglasses and watches. We actually went into a shop because Sam saw a shirt he really liked. Some polos. And then we looked at the price and it was 385 Euros. Yeah. We’re like woah woah woah. We kind of quickly walked out. Argh!Haha. We found a lovely seaside restaurant after a morning of wandering around the town. Yeah. And this place is called I’m actually just going to read the napkin. So Jadran Kod Krsta. Yep. Not entirely sure what that means. And guys it is just warm enough for us to be outside. Just barely. Barely it is probably about 14 degrees. Yeah. If it was a couple of degrees cooler we’d be inside with everyone else. Although everyone else is inside. Yeah. It looks really nice inside actually. They have all of these ferry lights and it looks very like rustic and cozy. We’ve got a kitty friend. And the meat and fish hasn’t arrived yet kitty so you’ll have to stick around if you want some of the good stuff. We’ve only got salad right now. Okay, so we are going to start things off with a salad. We were actually going to order the Greek one and he’s like no no no. Go for the seasonal one. It is half price and it is the same ingredients practically. Haha. Um so thanks for the tip waiter. Thanks. He’s a very friendly fellow. Yeah, so this one has cucumber, it has tomatoes and cheese. Cheese is the main ingredient here. Yeah, we really mixed that around. The cheese was actually layered on top. Mmmmm. That is so cheesy. Okay guys food is here. The fries are looking a little meager because I already ate half the portion. Haha. There was a lot more when we started. Wow. But yeah, Sam took a long time filming as usual. Yeah. So I ordered myself a kebab. Mmhmm. With fries. And it also comes with onions and a spicy sauce. You sure did. It is hot. So we kind of got the best of the meat and the sea because over here I’ve got a plateof fried calamari. Yeah. So yeah. Let’s try yours first though. Let’s try the meat. It looks really good. Let’s see. Oh, that does look good. Mmm. It is quite juicy. Is it?That is really nice. Oh my gosh guys. This looks so good. Fried calamari and wow. And wow. With a side of wow. It is just I grew up in Canada on the west coast so I grew up eating a lot of fish andseafood and the rest of my relatives on my Mom’s side were on Atlantic Canada on theEast Coast so I grew up like just eating seafood on boths sides of Canada and it just feelscomfortable for me and very familiar to be eating this. This is your comfort food. This is my comfort food. So I’m getting a nice big piece here to try. And we had the option of ordering the Calamari grilled, fried or stuffed. Oh my gosh. I went for fried and it is battered obviously. Um, this is my happy place. Like that kebab is really good but this is just for me. For my personal like my personal taste. This just like hits the spot in so many ways. And that’s pretty much it for our tour of Budva (Budua). As you can see, the Old Town (Stari Grad) is quite small and compact, so you could easilycover it in half a day if you only had time for a day trip. We hope you enjoyed this quick tour and we’ll see you in the next Vlog

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